**Due to ongoing uncertainty and government requirements we’ve decided to not hold the event in 2021 and hope to be back in 2022**

CrossFit 4504 Half Marathon

The Half Marathon course is the jewel in the crown for the Pine Rivers Charity Fun Run, taking in some of the nicest running paths and scenery the area has to offer.

This is not the easiest Half Marathon course in Brisbane, but arguably the most rewarding. With a fair few undulating hills along the way, you'll earn your finishers medallion.

After exiting the school and heading down Youngs Crossing Road, the course heads west along the path following One Mile Creek. This path comes out at Gordons Crossing Road West, where there is a bit of effort required for the few hundred meter incline up to Forgan Road.

You will be required to cross Forgan Road, where SES will be on site to ensure safety is maintained with vehicles. You will then run along Forgan Road, on the shoulder of the road, into Bullockys Rest. This section of the run is truly beautiful, especially early morning with the sun reflecting off the lake.

After completing a lap around Bullockys Rest, you'll continue along Forgan Road, following it around onto Protheroe Road. Then once you hit Youngs Crossing Road, you will cross Youngs Crossing Road (Police will be onsite to stop traffic), and turn left and follow the path down across Youngs Crossing.

You'll then turn right and follow the path winding along the scenic route next to the North Pine River, this section takes in the Petrie parkrun course. Runners will then follow the path all the way out to Gympie Road and Wylie park. After a very short run along the path next to Gympie road, you'll then head into Leis Park making a short loop and heading back on the pathway you just came from all the way to Youngs Crossing Road.

Once back on Youngs Crossing Road, you'll head straight back towards the school, making a short detour down Pine Valley Drive, through the Pine Valley Estate.

Once back on Youngs Crossing Road, you'll continue straight back to the school into the finish.

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